TERRAFORM CHARLIE review from author 

Tammy L. Nieuwoudt

Tammy is writing a 5-book medieval fantasy series!

'The sheer amount of knowledge and intellect in this book makes my jaw drop with admiration. And it's all woven into such a compelling story that spans '52,218 years, 5 days, 57 minutes and 16 seconds', which moves at a striding pace. A tale so grand in scope it begins with the MC (not the only MC btw) and then runs with his legacy, sprouting many interesting characters. It begins with a realistic and believable Earth of the future falling to its demise, and then it transports you to an entirely believable Nova Terra 'New Earth' where Earth's civilisation have the chance to carve out a new existence for themselves... and then... another colonisation attempt happens years into the future...and then... well... you can imagine... what do they find on the planet... all those years later...? ... It'll raise your eyebrows I tell ya! It's exciting! There's no aliens if you want aliens, but there's 'humanity transformed' for the better and the worse. It's a story that quenches ones thirst for exploration, new beginnings and discovery, resonates I think, with doom and apocalyptical themes, but also shows humanity's brilliant capacity to survive and progress. It's unsettling in a few ways, you hold your breath right from the first chapter and don't truly ever let it out. It continuously builds your expectations and never lets you down which, I think, is doubly good for a book of it's length. Narration is pleasingly swift, and some of it is highly quotable. World-building is marvellously done - and not over done, btw. Characters are deftly crafted and, though many, each are unique and you find yourself wanting to follow each and every one of them. A long read, but well well WELL worth it. Applause applause to EdgeOErin, you are a master-storyteller. I am in awe!' - Tammy L. Nieuwoudt, writer

Legacy of Seconds review from author 

Asiel R. Lavie

Asiel R. Lavie (asielrlavie.com)

"When I sat down to read Legacy of Seconds, I found myself flying through the pages. The author’s voice is captivating, made me want to read more and more. The world-building was interested and well-thought-out. Clearly, Edge made a lot of research before writing the book, which made it sound realistic. I found it very interesting to read about women leading and in power while men are second-class citizens!"

Intelligent Science Fiction Thriller

Time Sneak: Emergence testimonial
M. C. Knight
"Time Sneak: Emergence" is an intelligent (and funny!) science fiction thriller. With a witty, dry humor and an impressive collection of technical terms, it was engaging and had me giggling at more than a few points. Edge O. Erin is obviously well-educated and -traveled, and has done his research; I learned several new words in the course of my reading (for example: tetrachromat).
Other than a few misplaced (or missing) commas and a run-on sentence or two, the editing is fairly solid. Certain passages can seem a bit abrupt, but that can be a plus if you're not into flowery, descriptive language--there's no skipping paragraphs or pages to get to the action. And boy, I tell you, these characters are hilarious! Emily and Holton's conversations are riddled with jokes and puns (good and bad) and there are some one-liners that are real gems; my favorite has to be, "The mind can only absorb what the ass can endure."
On that note, this is definitely not a children's book. It's not excessively gory or explicit, but there is some cursing and several scenes where characters are drinking. I'd probably rate it a PG-13/R (according to American movie ratings): not suitable for children, but fine for adults/teenagers. (A precocious child might read it, but probably wouldn't understand a lot of it even if they knew the more obscure terms.)
All in all, an engaging read. It's not a genre I often dabble in, but the story is cool and the writing intelligent. I recommend either you buy the e-book or have a dictionary/the internet handy, so you can look words up as you come across them. The grammar/punctuation errors are negligible and do not detract from the overall readability. 4/5 Stars from a light-hearted fantasy lover ;)
April 2022 Review of Odin's Tillit

A Captivating Read!

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Anastasia G
Where shall I start with this captivating read? There's the tugboat that's possessed by a deranged former owner, a drug lord in need of others to help keep his 'business' and other side hustle alive, a man trying to start over after a brush with the law, and a girl just trying to live a simple life on a tugboat. There is enough action in this book to tucker out Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, and Jean-Claud Van Damme on a movie set! By the way, this would make for an excellent movie and could quite easily replace the age-old tradition of watching one of the many Die-Hard movies on Christmas. "Merry Christmas, break out Odin's Tillit and the egg nog!"
Odin's Tillit will grab your attention from the first page, not letting you go until the last word. The kind of novel that you don't even put down to walk to the kitchen for a snack, you'll bump into walls without a care as long as you don't have to put this book down for a second. From the beginning you're met with the perfect cocktail of suspense, action, great dialog, and in true Edge O. Erin fashion, lots of wit and humor thrown in the mix of things. There is not a single character, as twisted as some of them are, that isn't relatable, whether we'd like to admit that about ourselves or not. As much of a fan I am of his work, if you choose to read just one of EOE's novels, THIS is the one that you'd need to reach for...your brain will thank you afterwards.

Review of Time Sneak: Emergence on Goodreads

Another Masterpiece

Joseph Clark
Edge O. Erin does not disappoint with yet another masterpiece, I am thoroughly enjoying this second novel by my new online friend, it is enticing, exciting, suspenseful, and beautifully written, I can't wait to find out what is behind cure-a-care, and what ultimately happens to Emily the fun loving Achromat, because of my disability I struggle to engage with hobbies and interests, Edge's novels have re-kindled my passion for reading, as I used to be an avid reader in my youth, he really has knocked another engaging, emotive, highly stimulating novel out there for readers ! Another great sf character/plot novel with great descriptive talent! 

Exciting International Thriller

Time Sneak: Emergence Amazon Review
Kindle Customer
This book is an intense look at how we see color (or don't) and pharmaceutical research run amuck. Lots of action and twists and turns. It mixes science with fantasy and mystical beings. Sometimes it gets a bit complicated, you may need to re-read certain parts. It's an exceptional book and a fast read that taught me a lot.
October 2020

"Beautifully Crafted"

Terraform Charlie testimonial
Anastasia Gauthreaux 
Terraform Charlie is not your typical science fiction novel; Edge O Erin has beautifully crafted it in a manner that almost all genre lovers will find intriguing. From environmental issues, to action packed battles, to a little slice of romance, O Erin seems to cover all of the bases for a wide array of readers.
The characters and issues at hand give an insightful glimpse as to what civilizations could actually be facing in our future. There are no hover boards, no crazy alien-like people, and no one blasting others with light sabers, just real people trying to recreate a planet for future generations.
I can not say that I’m officially a science fiction fan but I can say with conviction that I’m definitely an Edge O Erin fan. 

A Puzzle to Spend Time with...

Time Sneak: Emergence, Amazon review
Nix Winter
Emily and Holton are very likable characters with a strong friendship. The technology is interesting and leaves a person thoughtful. This is the kind of book to have a lovely afternoon, a hot coco, and an interesting new world.

A Must Buy/Read

Legacy of Seconds review on Amazon UK
Joseph Clark
An incredible, believable journey of a novel, deeply crafted characters and plot, purposeful, immersive creation of a masterpiece, totally enjoyed reading and am enjoying rereading it, a gem of a must buy/read, looking forward to purchasing more of this creatively inspired author, Edge O.Erin is a wonderfully talented author!

Time Sneak: Emergence_blurb

Brain trauma has rendered 21-year-old Emily colorblind. But the ability to see far more colors than the average person is hard-wired in her brain. As a test subject, Emily believes she can help CuraeCare Pharmaceuticals detect disease, save lives, and maybe even restore her color vision. While CuraeCare aims to take advantage of Emily’s latent gift, beings from another dimension want to see the world with fresh eyes, Emily’s eyes. Meanwhile, Emily is being hunted by another CuraeCare pawn, fledgling serial killer, Laverne Eddy. While Laverne closes in on Emily, a demonically possessed CuraeCare executive penetrates her mind. As Emily will shields her from the finishing blow, her best friend Holton and a heroic indigenous shaman put up the fight of their lives to save her.
The Author