TERRAFORM CHARLIE review from author 

Tammy L. Nieuwoudt

Tammy is writing a 5-book medieval fantasy series!

'The sheer amount of knowledge and intellect in this book makes my jaw drop with admiration. And it's all woven into such a compelling story that spans '52,218 years, 5 days, 57 minutes and 16 seconds', which moves at a striding pace. A tale so grand in scope it begins with the MC (not the only MC btw) and then runs with his legacy, sprouting many interesting characters. It begins with a realistic and believable Earth of the future falling to its demise, and then it transports you to an entirely believable Nova Terra 'New Earth' where Earth's civilisation have the chance to carve out a new existence for themselves... and then... another colonisation attempt happens years into the future...and then... well... you can imagine... what do they find on the planet... all those years later...? ... It'll raise your eyebrows I tell ya! It's exciting! There's no aliens if you want aliens, but there's 'humanity transformed' for the better and the worse. It's a story that quenches ones thirst for exploration, new beginnings and discovery, resonates I think, with doom and apocalyptical themes, but also shows humanity's brilliant capacity to survive and progress. It's unsettling in a few ways, you hold your breath right from the first chapter and don't truly ever let it out. It continuously builds your expectations and never lets you down which, I think, is doubly good for a book of it's length. Narration is pleasingly swift, and some of it is highly quotable. World-building is marvellously done - and not over done, btw. Characters are deftly crafted and, though many, each are unique and you find yourself wanting to follow each and every one of them. A long read, but well well WELL worth it. Applause applause to EdgeOErin, you are a master-storyteller. I am in awe!' - Tammy L. Nieuwoudt, writer

Legacy of Seconds review from author 

Asiel R. Lavie

Asiel R. Lavie (asielrlavie.com)

"When I sat down to read Legacy of Seconds, I found myself flying through the pages. The author’s voice is captivating, made me want to read more and more. The world-building was interested and well-thought-out. Clearly, Edge made a lot of research before writing the book, which made it sound realistic. I found it very interesting to read about women leading and in power while men are second-class citizens!"

November 2020

A Thought Experiment

"Time Sneak: Emergence" is about a colorblind young woman that Big Pharma wants to exploit due to her lost but latent tetrachromatic ability. It represents my best work thus far and the goal is to have it published in 2022.
The Author

October 2020

"Beautifully Crafted"

Terraform Charlie testimonial
Anastasia Gauthreaux 
Terraform Charlie is not your typical science fiction novel; Edge O Erin has beautifully crafted it in a manner that almost all genre lovers will find intriguing. From environmental issues, to action packed battles, to a little slice of romance, O Erin seems to cover all of the bases for a wide array of readers.
The characters and issues at hand give an insightful glimpse as to what civilizations could actually be facing in our future. There are no hover boards, no crazy alien-like people, and no one blasting others with light sabers, just real people trying to recreate a planet for future generations.
I can not say that I’m officially a science fiction fan but I can say with conviction that I’m definitely an Edge O Erin fan.