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Terraform Charlie

Charlie Kehler was playing God sowing life into the primordial soup of Nova Terra. Traveling the 1.3 parsecs to the resulting pristine planet and waking her fellow colonists was Shia’s epic challenge. That Charlie and Shia both saw monsters was the realization of a dream and the dawning of a nightmare. Regardless, humanity needed a new home, and Nova Terra, as the jewel of the Alpha Centauri Star System meant hope to Charlie, a destination for Shia, an opportunity for the ambitious colonists, and home to the indigenous Manots.  Charlie Kehler thought things could go monstrously wrong on Nova Terra, and he was right.

It's Star Trek meets Avatar meets Planet of the Apes

Terraform Charlie_colonization fiction_climate fictionBreathing life into a primordial world
Promo Art by @Linwelly_3D

Terraform Charlie

Mockup of potential cover
Terraform Charlie, coming May 2022!
Readers love Terraform Charlie!


It would make a fantastic movie!

Tacy Shumate

Terraform Charlie is not your typical science fiction novel; Edge O Erin has beautifully crafted it in a manner that almost all genre lovers will find intriguing. From environmental issues to action-packed battles to a slice of romance, O Erin seems to cover all of the bases for a wide array of readers.

The characters and issues at hand give an insightful glimpse into what civilizations could be facing in our future. There are no hoverboards, no crazy alien-like people, and no one blasting others with lightsabers, just real people trying to recreate a planet for future generations.

I can not say that I’m officially a science fiction fan, but I can say with conviction that I’m definitely an Edge O Erin fan. 

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