Combining Cheese and Mushroom in a short Halloween story.

Brie was, as her friends said, “pleasantly plump.” Her mom was not so obtuse. “You’re wide across the bottom dear, and in that sense, just a chip off the old block…. of cheese.” Engorged from the evening meal, Brie stepped out of the house just as her dad added, “Just like all the Camembert’s.” She’d almost squeezed through the gate at the side of the yard before her annoying little brother chimed in with a “Have a gouda day! Don’t eat all the Halloween candy before you get home!” Brie rolled her eyes, then maneuvered her derriere through the gate, which was the portal into her friend’s yard. It was there, and only there she and her bestie could be transformed into garden-variety human children.  “Sammy, are you there?” No answer. Brie looked around. None of the mushrooms had eyeballs or had a popsicle sticking out of it. “C’mon, Sammy, let’s go! It’s our only chance to get candy all year!” It wasn’t unusual for Sammy “Silly” Psilocybin’s to be up to his tricks; he was a magic mushroom after all, and his “trick or treat” game was second to none.  Then she saw him, slumped against the side of his Hobbit-like dwelling. “Oh gosh, Sammy!” Brie hustled over to her friend, whose skin was flushed and peeling. “Sammy, what’s happened to you?!” It was then Brie noticed his bruises, but not before she sensed Tongue Rob Tofu Pants and felt the straw stuck into her midsection.  “Rob, no!” “It’s too late for you and Silly! I told you that unless you invited me to join you for trick-or-treat this year, there would be hell to pay!” It was true, Tongue Rob Tofu Pants had warned them, but she didn’t think he had the starch. As Sammy disintegrated before her eyes, and she felt her magical goodness seep out, Brie saw Tongue Rob Tofu Pants transform into an eight-year-old boy.  With a cheesy grin and foul breath, he proclaimed, “I will rule this night! Halloween is mine!”