Think Breaking Bad meets The Dark Tower. Now add in a healthy dose of Norse mythology, and a line of cocaine, and you have...


Fox was twelve when he faked his death to escape his father Dagr and his precious tugboat, Odin’s Tillit. Years after Dagr burned himself into the decking of his masterpiece, sixteen-year-old Ren notched her successes into the rune-etched helm of the same boat. Destiny is bloodying the waters of British Columbia’s Arrow Lakes.
Cloaked in an identity produced from the inside of a tobacco can, Fox is a glorified drug mule for Texas lawman, Sheriff J.J. Raskin. The Sheriff also sends his problems to Ren, where she and Odin’s Tillit make them disappear. Fox and Ren know better, want better, but they cannot escape the clutches of the incorrigible or incorporeal forces around them.


A must have for the die-hard Odin's Tillit fan.

  • Like Breaking Bad? 
  •  Or maybe The Dark Tower?
  • How about Cape Fear?