Indonesian Artist and Illustrator

Keni Aryani

For Book Covers and Interior Art Scenes
Fantastic Fantasy Writer

Anna Tizard

Anna Tizard writes wildly imagined fantasies spiked with unexpected, metaphysical themes. Inspired by the surrealist word game of Exquisite Corpse, which she plays on her podcast, Brainstoryum, each unique story is based on random word combinations for a bizarre and enlightening journey into the imagination. Play the game and seek with her at http://annatizard.com. Subscribe, and be privy to secret stories. Who knows? You may even inspire the next tale in The Book of Exquisite Corpse. 

Sloane McClain

"Big surprise, I'm a romantic. I love stories about knights and Highlanders. I love strong Alpha males, but I want them to have equally strong women for their partners.

The mystery surrounding King Arthur has always been a favorite subject and it led me to wonder what would have happened if there was more to the story. What if the sword, and other swords, were more important? What if he had sons who survived? These questions and more led to the birth of my Sons of Pendragon series."
Experimental Electronic Music Artist

Armageddon Speaking

from Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Original music that will pulse through your veins and open up your mind