The Crossing Gate

, by Asiel R. Lavie

The only thing standing between Lenora and the third ID line on her wrist, a marker of her transition from juvenile to adult phase, is The Crossing Gate.
Beginning with birth, all citizens in the Kingdom of Elpax must walk through the mysterious Crossing Gate thrice in their lives. The final life phase, adulthood, exposes the citizens to hideous realities like sin-spots that tarnish their bodies every time they deviate from the law. In this strange world, the consequences of being a bearer of sin-spots range from retribution to downright execution of the sinner.
Seventeen-year-old Lenora Evgenís has a deep-rooted fear of adulthood and hence, becomes dizzy and temporarily incapacitated every time the Crossing nears. To soothe her anxiety, she searches for information about adulthood and sin-spots. But all she learns is that curiosity is a sin. The gravity of the situation keeps increasing with every futile attempt. If she doesn’t find what she’s looking for and refuses to cross, Prince Thaddeus will never hesitate to assume she is rebelling, and this will ruin her life and her entire family.

Asiel R. Lavie 

Author and World Story Book Contributor

Asiel R. Lavie is a simple girl with a wild imagination. She is a World Story Book contributor, and co-admin and official Arabic translator for The World Story Book Young Adult Edition. Her debut YA dystopian fantasy, THE CROSSING GATE, will be released in 2021. INTO THE LABYRINTHS, will be her second book in the "A WALTZ OF SIN AND FIRE" Series."
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Created to portray Legacy of Seconds chief antagonist, "Riot."


HumanAlien is a young adult fiction tetralogy that invites you into the life of Vic, a half human half alien that explores life, feelings, Earth and the Universe.
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HANNA HELPS! As a beta-reader, Hanna was insightful, helpful, and honest in her critique and assessment of my book, Terraform Charlie.

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