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Author of "Legacy of Seconds" and it's soon-to-be-released sequel, "TERRAFORM CHARLIE."
"Emily is a twenty-one-year-old tetrachromat. It is this ocular gift that CuraeCare Pharmaceuticals takes advantage of, and supernatural figures “Time-Sneak” and “Seelenstahl” attempt to harness. The ensuing power-struggle threatens not only her life but all of humanity. Concurrently, Emily is being hunted by another CuraeCare pawn, Laverne Eddy. While Laverne closes in, Time Sneak and Seelenstahl penetrate deeper into her mind. As Emily’s will shields herself from the finishing blow, her friends put up the fight of their life to save her."
Presently writing a "killer" of a book, ODIN'S TILLIT. Think, Breaking Bad meets Cape Fear, with a dash of Norse Mythology and a hit of coke.
Creator of the WORLD STORY BOOK and WSB Young Adult, where teens discover the Hollow Worlds of the inner earth. 
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"Crux of a whipscrew!" A chip of red coral found a gap between Claire's shield and work-shirt, and it stung like a bee. But that discomfort paled in comparison to the invisible sliver that steadily wormed its way into her mind. Her very own family and the Ghan elite were using her dearly departed sister as a vehicle to achieve global rule and facilitate a colonization mission to a distant world. It pained her even more than her prosthesis. That her sister Mariot might still be alive fueled her desire to use her affiliation with a resistance movement as a vehicle to redeem, if not rescue her and bring down the reigning plutocracy. But the Ghan and Grace's power, combined with the vicious clone Riot they animated, and some of the inhuman men they lorded over, represented a force that might only, at best, be circumvented.

Corals, Clones and Claire...


Soon to be available through Goodreads, Waterstones, Amazon,  WHSmith, Barnes & Noble, Heffers and all other good bookshops.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Legacy of Seconds: The Art

... as Created by Katherine Wells

Katherine Wells is an art student from Kansas. She created the piece above, which will be prominent on the cover of "Legacy of Seconds." You can follow her at https://www.instagram.com/katie__bot and on Pinterest at kswells23. More of her art will be showcased on this page.

Creating a world that the future threatens to destroy


A hairy, pock-marked freedom-fighting giant and an inspired and determined wee bug-eye fighting for what’s right on Nova Terra. Somehow the two unlikely allies are assisted by a terraforming scientist named Charlie, who is thousands of years removed from and light-years away from the quasi-Earth. Sounds plausible; welcome to the world, ahem, “worlds” of Charlie Kehler, in my book, “Terraform Charlie.”

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

after Legacy of Seconds, but thousands of year before....


sequel to "Legacy of Seconds"

My first novel and written a decade before I started Legacy of Seconds.  In a perfect world, Terraform Charlie would be read first.

Image by Angela Yuriko Smith from Pixabay