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Full hardcover image for the mystery suspense thriller, Odin's Tillit

Enter epic worlds, on the Edge...


The discovery of a severed arm and a fish-hooked foot has Officer Ethan Birchom focused on finding a killer. It’s a change of pace from playing with his dog, searching for missing persons, and grieving a long-deceased daughter.
Now, Ethan is dodging bullets — well, mostly — navigating a new relationship, and resurrecting Cold Cases. Strangely, he’s seldom felt so alive. Maybe happiness and solving cases are in his future?
Unfortunately, with love building and danger closing in, Ethan unearths something that is as archaic as it is modern, as ageless as it is mortal, and as wicked as it is incorruptible. In his attempt to stop more good from dying young, Ethan is in over his head.

The Hatchet Trilogy will continue with "Hatchets Law" & "An Axe to Grind."

Edge is also the creator of the WORLD STORY BOOK and WSB Young Adult and is presently working on Parn (a Nova Terra story that prefaces Terraform Charlie). 

Full hardcover image for the mystery suspense thriller, Odin's Tillit


Fox was twelve when he faked his own death to escape his father Dagr and his precious tugboat, Odin’s Tillit. Cloaked in an identity produced from the inside of a tobacco can, he has become a glorified drug mule for Texas lawman, Sheriff J.J. Raskin.
Sixteen-year-old Ren is at the helm of Odin’s Tillit, pushing rafts of logs, and helping the Sheriff make his problems disappear. Obligation, destiny, and Odin’s Tillit are bloodying the waters of British Columbia’s Arrow Lakes.
Fox and Ren know better, want better, but they cannot escape the clutches of the incorrigible or incorporeal forces around them.
As the principals come together, the past threatens to destroy Fox and Ren, even as the Sheriff seeks to eliminate them. What does fate have in store for them? Only Odin’s Tillit knows.
"Odin's Tillit is like Breaking Bad meets The Dark Tower, with a dash of Norse Mythology, and a hit of cocaine." - Author

Don't turn a colorblind eye from this fantastic book!


Brain trauma has rendered 21-year-old Emily colorblind. But the ability to see far more colors than the average person is hard-wired in her brain. As a test subject, Emily believes she can help CuraeCare Pharmaceuticals detect disease, save lives, and maybe even restore her color vision. While CuraeCare aims to take advantage of Emily’s latent gift, beings from another dimension want to see the world with fresh eyes, Emily’s eyes. Meanwhile, Emily is being hunted by another CuraeCare pawn, fledgling serial killer, Laverne Eddy. While Laverne closes in on Emily, a demonically possessed CuraeCare executive penetrates her mind. As Emily will shields her from the finishing blow, her best friend Holton and a heroic indigenous shaman put up the fight of their lives to save her.

Full cover image of the supernatural thriller book, Time Sneak: Emergence
It's all about Emily's eyes.


Brain trauma has rendered 21-year-old Emily colorblind, but the ability to see far more colors than the average person is hard-wired in her brain. Now, as a test subject with CuraeCare, Emily is working with InView, a platform that could save lives and possibly restore her ocular gift. But the past, both her own and that of nuclear Russia, has leveraged InView to claim lives and gain an otherworldly foothold on Earth. With a murderer on her trail and a demonically possessed CuraeCare executive penetrating her mind, Emily is in danger. As evil closes in, her best friend Holton, and a heroic indigenous shaman, put up the fight of their lives to save her.

Design by Tamanna Quddus

Image of Legacy of Seconds main character, Claire Rand
Women rule...

AND they do so RUTHLESSLY!

Legacy of Seconds:

In the future, women rule the world. But drastic environmental change and men as second-class citizens hasn't arrested humankinds fall. But coral-chipper Claire doesn't care about all that, she just wants to save her sister from being cloned.

Art by Katherine Wells

Katherine Wells is an art student from Kansas. She created the piece above, which will be prominent on the cover of "Legacy of Seconds." You can follow her at https://www.instagram.com/katie__bot and on Pinterest at kswells23. More of her art will be showcased on this page.

Full cover image of the sci-fi book, Terraform Charlie
Creating a world that the future threatens to annihilate.


Humans are destroying the Earth and need a new home. After years of work and fighting those determined to stop him, terraforming scientist Charlie Kehler and his dedicated team have sown life in the primordial soup of Nova Terra.

A planet in the Alpha Centauri star system, Nova Terra is the destination for Shia and her fellow colonists and home to the indigenous Manots.

How do two peoples with a common ancestor react when they meet? Can Shia bridge the divide? When Charlie seeded life on Nova Terra thousands of years previously, he feared things could go monstrously wrong. As the two races collide, will Charlie be proven right?

Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay